2014/15 Referees Executive chosen

PUBLISHED: November 25, 2013

The new Western Province Rugby Referees Society Executive Committee was elected last week Thursday (November 21), with Dan de Villiers continuing as chairman for the next two years.

De Villiers was re-selected, along with Arthur Southgate, Ronnie Bourbon-Leftley and Don Perry.

The newly-elected committee members, namely Charles Wyngaard and Hans Radyn, had to resign as active members from the WP Referees Society to serve their specific portfolios.

This is the first time that nominees had to sign off Key Performance Areas for their specific positions/roles.

The 2014/15 Western Province Rugby Referees Society Executive Committee:

Dan de Villiers (re-selected)

Vice Chairman and Finance Portfolio:
Arthur Southgate (re-selected)

Administration Portfolio:
Alan Becker (unopposed)

Match Reviewing Portfolio:
Ronnie Bourbon-Leftley (re-selected)

Training Portfolio:
Charles Wyngaard (newly elected)

Coaching Portfolio:
Don Perry (re-selected)

Appointments/Referees Disciplinary/Club Relations/Referees Club House:
Hans Radyn (newly elected)