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Western Province Rugby welcomes our exciting new supporters club called The Faithful. The club provides unrivalled value for loyal fans of the DHL Stormers and DHL Western Province. See the information below to find out more.



Are you one of The Faithful?

Western Province Rugby has launched an exciting new supporters club called The Faithful, which provides unrivalled value for loyal fans of the DHL Stormers and DHL Western Province.

As one of the best supported rugby brands in the world, there are DHL Stormers and DHL Western Province fans all over the globe, whose passionate loyalty deserves a truly world class supporters programme.

The Faithful seeks to bring the fans closer to the professional teams by providing exclusive access and benefits, along with a host of additional loyalty rewards.

Western Province Rugby Group CEO, Paul Zacks, said that The Faithful will be the vital connection between the loyal fans and the teams on the field of play.

"One of our greatest assets are our fans, The Faithful, and we really wanted to create something unique and world class for them - a supporters club that engages and interacts with all of our fans, not only in the Western Cape, but regionally, nationally and internationally.

"The Faithful is more than a traditional supporters club, it is a hybrid programme of a supporter, membership, loyalty and rewards models.

"Research shows that we have more than two million supporters in South Africa, of which more than 52% reside outside of the Western Cape. So it was important that our supporters club interacted and engaged with all of our faithful supporters, no matter where they reside.

"We are very excited to launch the Faithful, as we believe it is an innovative product that will give unrivalled value to our faithful supporters," said Zacks.

Each signed-up member of The Faithful will receive a DHL delivered 'Welcome to The Faithful' box, including a supporters jersey, an exclusive Faithful cap, membership card, as well as various gifts and vouchers from sponsors and partners of The Faithful.

The retail value of the welcome pack alone exceeds the annual membership fee of R1000 by three times, whilst there will be many additional benefits and rewards for The Faithful members.

Some of the membership benefits are priority seat and event booking for Tests and Finals, discounts for WP Rugby events such as the DHL Newlands Sleepover and a golf day, free entry into The Faithful Lounge, an exclusive coaches video before every game, a free DHL Newlands stadium tour, access to special content in the digital magazine, exclusive merchandise offerings and discounts from the WP Rugby shop and online store.

There will also be amazing monthly prizes, hampers and draws exclusive to The Faithful members.

On top of this members will have the opportunity to attend a DHL Stormers or DHL Western Province game at a venue in South Africa other than DHL Newlands.

There is also an extensive retail partnership programme, with the membership card unlocking benefits and discounts with retail partners. Furthermore, there will be regular special offers and discounts on social activities and experiences for The Faithful members.

President of the Western Province Rugby Football Union, Mr Thelo Wakefield, said that the launch of The Faithful signals an exciting new time at DHL Newlands.

"We have some incredible fans who are the best in the world and they deserve to be treated in a way that befits their loyalty, passion, knowledge and diversity.

"We have put together a supporter programme which puts our faithful fans first, because they are so crucial to our success as a union.

"We call on you to stand together with us. Are you one of The Faithful?"


WP Jersey

Exclusive WP Cap

Official Membership Certificate

Membership Card

Sim Card Starter Pack

Bonus Gifts from our Partners

Sim Card Starter Pack


Your support week in and week out doesn’t go unnoticed. With the help of our sponsors and partners, we are able to bring you season-long benefits to show our thanks.

Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

To find out more details about the membership benefits listed above, head over to our FAQs.


WP Rugby FAQs

Q. What is The Faithful supporters club?

A. The Faithful supporters club is a paid for supporters club offering you, the fans, amazing gifts and other benefits including a Rugby jersey and one-of-a-kind Faithful cap for only R1000.

Q. Can anyone join The Faithful?

A. Anyone can become a member of The Faithful; please note children will need to have their membership application completed by an accompanying adult.

Q. What do I get for joining The Faithful?

A. As a member of The Faithful you will receive a Welcome Pack with your rugby jersey, one-of-a-kind cap, membership card and gifts from our incredible sponsors. In addition, your membership will also grant you access to additional benefits such as free stadium access to an away game, access to The Faithful Lounge at DHL Newlands and other lifestyle benefits including discounts and deals at selected partners.

Q. I am a season ticket holder, will I also get access to The Faithful?

A. Unfortunately, owning a season ticket does not automatically give one access to The Faithful supporters club. The Faithful membership will need to be purchased separately. Season tickets can be purchased here:

Q. How do I join The Faithful?

A. To join The Faithful, simply visit and click “Join Now”. Follow the simple steps and you’ll be receiving your Welcome Pack in no time.

Q. Why do I need to submit a picture of myself?

A. Your photo ID will be printed onto your membership card. It is very important that you submit a clear picture as your membership card is your ticket to accessing all of the benefits available to Faithful members. From free access to away games and access to The Faithful Lounge to discounts at our partners, you’ll need to show your Faithful membership card.

Q. Is my membership worth the R1000 fee?

A. Your Welcome Pack alone is worth an estimated R3000 including a Stormers Rugby jersey valued at R799, a one-of-a-kind Faithful cap valued at R250 and other gifts from our partners. Including all the ongoing benefits, you are definitely getting your money’s worth.

Q. How long will my Welcome Pack take to arrive?

A. Your pack should arrive within 14 days of confirmation of payment.

Q. My Welcome Pack hasn’t been delivered?

A. Please follow-up with our delivery partner using you booking reference, which will have been SMS’d or emailed to you after payment confirmation has been recieved. Please contact us at and we will follow-up on your order with our delivery partner DHL.

Q. I want to edit my personal information, how can I do this?

A. “Yes, your personal information can be updated online anytime. Please note however, that a new membership card will not be issued for updates of personal information. Information printed on the membership card will be updated when your membership is renewed.

Q. I have forgotten my password and can’t logon to edit my profile, what do I do?

A. Simply click “forgot password” and follow the instructions to reset your password.

Q. Do I need my ID to access the benefits of my membership card?

A. Nope, your membership card serves as your unique identifier. Unless otherwise indicated, you do not need to show any other form of identification.

Q. Is membership transferable?

A. Unfortunately membership is non-transferable; however you may buy a membership as a gift, please just ensure that all details are filled in correctly for the recipient including photograph and delivery address.

Q. How do I get free entry to the away game?

A. Simply present your Faithful membership card at the ticket office at the away stadium and claim your complimentary ticket. Only a limited number of tickets are available per game so make sure you get there early.

Q. How do I get 15% off on Daddy’s Deals?

A. Your membership number acts as a discount code on Daddy’s Deals! Simply add your membership number when checking out to receive an additional 15% discount when purchasing on Daddy’s Deals.

Q. How do I get 10% off on the WP online store and at the physical store?

A. Your membership number acts as a discount code when shopping with WP. Simply add your membership number when checking out or present it at the till to receive a 10% discount when purchasing at the WP Rugby online or physical store.

Q. What discount do I get at Sneakers?

A. The Faithful members will receive a 15% in store and 30% online discount to be used once off at Sneakers stores / online. The Faithful members also qualify for an ongoing 10% discount in store and 25% discount online. Simply present your card or enter your membership number at checkout.

Q. How long does my Faithful membership last for?

A. Your Faithful membership lasts for 1 year.

Q. How do I renew my Faithful membership?

A. Don’t worry! When your membership is up for renewal, we’ll send you an email and let you know. Simply follow the steps on the mail and pay for the following year and you are renewed.

Q. I don’t want to receive any informational communications from WP Rugby, what do I do?

A. To opt out of communications, you can follow the instructions found in one of our emails or SMSs, manage your preferences online or contact us at we can assist you with the process.

Q. What do I do if I don’t want to be part of The Faithful anymore?

A. By choosing to leave The Faithful you are missing out on an array of great benefits just for you. To leave The Faithful simply do not reactivate your membership next year and opt out of communications via any Faithful email.

Q. Do I get a refund if I want to leave The Faithful?

A. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund a portion of the membership fee as you have already received the welcome pack, which included the supporter’s jersey, membership cap along with other goodies.

    1. In these Terms and Conditions, defined words are used and referred to below by using a capital letter. These words have the following meaning:
    2. “CPA” means the Consumer Protection Act, 68 of 2008 and the Regulations, as amended;
    3. "Partner" means a third party who provides the Products and / or other benefits to a Western Province Rugby The Faithful member;
    4. "Product(s)" means the specified goods and/or services provided to The Faithful member by a Western Province The Faithful programme partner;
    5. "Register" means entering your first name, last name, email address, city, selecting a username and password to create an account on the Website;
    6. “Terms and Conditions” means these Terms and Conditions;
    7. “You” means the user of the Website and The Faithful member and cardholder;
    8. “Us” and “We” means - WP Rugby (K2016223694 (SA) (Pty) Ltd); and
    9. “Website” means the Website located at
    1. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. As an Western Province Rugby The Faithful member, You are required to agree to the Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are made between You and Us.
    2. These Terms and Conditions are applicable when You access and use the Website and use your Membership card.
    3. You may not become a Faithful member unless You accept these Terms and Conditions.
    1. The content contained on this Website may be used by You for your own personal, non-commercial shopping and information purposes only.
    2. To use the Website and to become a Faithful member, You may be any age, however, some benefits such as The Faithful lounge will only be available to members over the age of 18.
    3. These Terms and Conditions constitute a binding agreement between You and Us and any other terms do not form part of our agreement unless they are made in writing and agreed to by You and Us.
    4. If any one or more provisions of these Terms and Conditions should become invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect under any law, such provision will be set apart from these Terms and Conditions, and the validity, legality and enforceability of the rest of the provisions will not in any way be affected.
    5. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa.
    6. Should We amend these Terms and Conditions, the Terms and Conditions which You read and agreed to, will be applicable. We may ask You to agree to the amended Terms and Conditions from time to time.   
    1. You can make use of a credit or debit card to become a Faithful member
    2. When You make use of a credit card to become a member, Your credit card details are transmitted by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). At no time will Your credit card details be stored on our server.
    3. We will send You an email confirming your membership after You have paid for it. On making payment the transaction between You and Us shall be deemed to be concluded in terms of the CPA.
    4. Once You have submitted your details to complete your registration, you agree that We may use Your information for any Marketing pertaining to Western Province Rugby or it’s associated brands and sponsors.
    1. Once You receive the email confirmation that your membership has been purchased, your Welcome Box will begin being processed.
    2. The Welcome Box will be delivered to the address provided in the Registration process, it is your responsibility to ensure these details are correct. We take no responsibility if you fail to inform Us of a change of address.
    3. The Welcome Box will be delivered by our delivery partner and We cannot be held accountable for any delay in delivery.
    4. The contents of the Welcome Box are subject to the details on the Website at the time of purchase of Your membership. You have the right to query the contents of the box and ask Us to correct any deficiencies.
    5. Should the sizing of the rugby jersey provided in the welcome box be incorrect You are entitled to request an exchange from Us. All exchanges will be granted at Our discretion.
    1. The Welcome Box will contain your Faithful membership card (“Membership Card”).
    2. You may not copy Your Membership Card.
    3. Your Membership Card is not transferable and therefore you may not sell Your Membership Card to any other person.
    4. The Membership Card shall at all times remain the property of Western Province Rugby and may be revoked if a member is found to be misusing the card, or to have breached the Terms and Conditions of use.
    1. The Membership Card entitles the member to additional benefits as detailed on The Faithful website
    2. Additional benefits may be subject to the specific terms and conditioned outlined by each Partner. We reserve the right to add / remove or alter the terms of benefits without further notice to You.
    1. Once the purchase of a membership is completed Your membership (and access to all corresponding benefits) will be valid for the calendar year in which it is purchased.
    2. After one year You will be entitled to renew your membership by paying a membership fee for the new year. Failure to pay the renewal fee will result in the termination of your membership.
    3. We may suspend or terminate your membership after giving notice to You if We determine that your membership is not being used by You in compliance with these Terms and Conditions.
    1. You agree not to intentionally infect the Website with any computer programming (such as a virus) that may damage, interfere with, delay or intercept any data or information on the Website, and You agree to be liable for any monetary or other loss which We may incur as a result of such infection of the Website by You.
    2. We cannot guarantee that your use of the Website will always be uninterrupted. Your use of the Website shall at all times be at Your own risk, and We shall not be liable for any loss or damage which may be caused by viruses or factors beyond our control.
    3. Your access to the Website may sometimes be restricted due to repairs or maintenance of the Website. We will try to restore your access as soon as We reasonably can.
    4. We do not accept any responsibility for lack of functionality which is dependent on your browser or other third party software used by you.
    1. The Website contains information and intellectual property which is the subject of copyright and other protections, including logos and other graphics and multimedia works that are and shall remain Our property.
    2. E-mail addresses, names, telephone numbers and fax numbers on the Website may not be incorporated into any database used for electronic marketing or similar purposes. The presentation of such details is not permission from Us to utilise same.
    3. You may not, without our prior written consent, use Our intellectual property or that of third parties for any purposes whatsoever.
    1. We will not be liable to You for any breach of our obligations under these Terms and Conditions where We are hindered or prevented from carrying out Our obligations by any cause outside Our reasonable control, including by lightning, fire, flood, extremely severe weather, strike, lock-out, labour dispute, act of God, war, riot, civil commotion (including any threat of the aforegoing), explosion, malicious damage, failure of any telecommunications or computer system, compliance with any law, accident (or by any damage caused by any of such events).
    2. Should one of our partners (be it delivery or a supplier of any benefit within the box or accesible via your membership card) fail to deliver or execute their required role as expected, we take no responsibility for this.